A final thank you

Florian Sichart describes the impact of his LSE scholarship 

Although I loved many things about LSE, I think the research experience it allowed me to gather really set the School apart from many of its peers.
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Dear Regular Giving donors,

I graduated this summer from LSE with a first-class honours in Politics and International Relations. I was the recipient of a New Futures Fund scholarship, without which achieving my dream of studying at the LSE would not have been attainable. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you, the donors who made this possible through your generous support of the Student Support Scholarship Fund, and to put into words what this means for my life and future aspirations.

During my time at LSE, I discovered my passion for research. Pursuing this passion was only made possible through the generous support of donors like you. Knowing that I did not have to place an undue financial burden on my family in order to complete my degree at LSE gave me the freedom to follow my interests instead of constantly worrying about how I would pay for my education.

While studying, I was a Research Assistant on multiple research projects led by academics in the Department of Government; co-authored a paper on Ideology and Voting in the UK; worked as Research Director of the LSE Undergraduate Political Review; and have recently published my first article in an academic journal. Although I loved many things about LSE, I think the research experience it allowed me to gather really set the School apart from many of its peers. 

Thankfully, my dedication to and passion for the field of political science has opened doors for me that I never thought possible. After taking a year to spend time with my family and do research in Vienna, I'm looking forward to joining Princeton University’s PhD programme in Political Science in 2022 on a full scholarship. Receiving this incredible opportunity is truly a dream come true, and a dream that would have likely remained out of reach if it had not been for your support. I want to thank you — one final time and from the bottom of my heart — for your generous support and the trust in me and my work that this support implies.

Going forward, I hope to continue on my path towards becoming an academic myself one day. I also hope to soon be financially stable enough to follow in your footsteps and donate to the LSE Student Support Scholarship Fund myself, to give more students who find themselves on the downside of advantage a chance to attend LSE and change their lives for the better.

Thank you,

Florian Sichart
(BSC Politics and International Relations, 2020)

The Student Support Scholarship Fund, via New Futures Fund scholarships, offers essential means-tested financial support to LSE students in the form of full or partial awards. LSE is committed to expanding undergraduate scholarship support to ensure that talented students, particularly those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, can access a life-changing education. Our graduates take learning back to diverse communities and have impact at global, national and grassroots levels. It is essential that we support them during their studies and throughout their careers, as the world quickly changes and adapts, to help them realise their potential and shape the world, for common good, and equip them to become the thought leaders of tomorrow.