Xiaoxi Zhu

PhD Researcher

Department of Media and Communications

About me

Research Topic

Globalization of Chinese film industry: representation, nationalism, power struggle

My research project aims to unpack the complexities and tensions underpinning Chinese film industry in the 21st century against the background of globalization. I want to look at how Chinese film industry is structured and developed during this specific historical period when China attempts to integrate into global order. I am interested in examining how various power players, including the Party-state, transnational capital, local capital, and social agencies interact and negotiate on multiple levels so as to push forward their respective agendas. Also I would like to critically explore ways in which the cinematic discourses are shaped by wider socio-cultural context and whether those discourses are challenging or reinforcing the existing power structure. Particularly, I am interested in the claim that nationalistic discourses are reproduced through filmic texts to fulfill ideological purposes.

Supervisor: Bingchun Meng


Before coming to LSE, I completed a BA in Journalism at Nanjing University (China) and then obtained an MS in Media Industries at the University of Leeds (UK).