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Geography and Environment candidates

If you would like to get in touch for further information, our Director of Placement is Prof Olmo Silva

s banerjee

Sanchayan Banerjee

PhD candidate in Environmental Economics

Research interests:

- Nudge theory
- Behavioural Economics
-Experimental Economics
- Environmental Economics
- Economics of Climate Change

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mook bangalore job market

Mook Bangalore 

PhD candidate in Environmental Policy & Development

Research interests:

- Weather shocks and household welfare
- Distributional impacts of climate change
- Evaluation of environmental policies 

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filippo boeri

Filippo Boeri

Doctor of Economic Geography

Research interests:

- International trade
- Urban/spatial economics
- Economics of organised crime
- Economics of education

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sandro 2020

Sandro Provenzano

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Research interests:

- Development Economics
- Environmental Economics
- Urban Economics
- Remote Sensing

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